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Highway and Construction Site Maintenance

AE & AT Lewis Ltd have been grass cutting on the A55 Expressway and rural road network on the Isle of Anglesey since 2013. Our experienced team of operators use a modern fleet of specialised equipment to ensure the highest level of maintenance of the highways in North Wales is achieved.

Our work includes:

  • Verge cutting and hedge trimming
    Roadside grass cutting and hedge trimming on roads, lanes and tracks.
  • Steep angle batter/embankment cutting
    Suitable for the banks of reservoirs and other steep sided road banks or land.
  • Highway barrier grass cutting
    Roadside grass cutting around barriers seen on high speed roads, using specialised equipment to ensure accuracy and speed.
  • Weed spraying
    Growth control on roadways, lawns, paddocks, fields and verges.
  • Strimming
    Manual operatives with petrol grass cutters.
  • Stone drain aeration
    Unblocking and clearing of french-drains from weeds, stones and debris using purpose built offset equipment to loosen the stones in the trench, allowing the water to run away
  • Gulley emptying
    We are able to clean gullies on a scheduled or emergency call out basis to remove leaves, litter, silt and other materials which cause blockages in drains and sewers which in turn lead to flooding of highways and footpaths.
  • Dust suppression
    We have a fleet of self-owned tractors and tanks on hand to provide water for dust suppression on any site
  • Pre-hand over cleaning of construction sites
    We have the specialist vehicles to clean road gulley’s of construction material to ensure free flowing drainage and to sweep new roads and pathways prior to handover to your client
A tractor with a barrier mower cutting grass on the A55
Gulley emptying at Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni
Gulley emptying

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