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Drainage Solutions and CCTV Camera Surveys

CCTV Camera Surveys

AE & AT Lewis can offer a CCTV Camera Survey service for:

  • Surveys to detect drainage problems for insurance claims
  • Homebuyers Pre-purchase Surveys
  • Construction Work Surveys

CCTV Inspections and Surveys

Our CCTV survey will reveal what the problem is, if any, and provides the essential information and advice so you can and then decide on an appropriate course of action. From the survey we can see exactly what’s wrong, and work out the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to put right any problems.

This helps avoid the cost and disruption of digging to find a problem. If you have damage to the pipework and you are considering claiming via your buildings insurance policy, we are happy to help, and let you use the CCTV survey as part of your claim to your insurance company.

Homebuyers Pre-Purchase Survey

Our CCTV survey can uncover and locate the following types of drain defects before you purchase your new property:

  • Pipe cracks / holes / broken pipes
  • Root Intrusion
  • Displaced Joints
  • Open Joints
  • Debris
  • Defective / collapsed pitch-fibre pipes
  • Leaking pipes which can lead to subsidence

If any of the above is found before you purchase the property, any costs involved can often be covered by an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. On the other hand, if a blockage is found after exchange of contracts then you will be responsible for any rectification works needed. This one-off cost of a survey can far outweigh the potential costs of not having one performed.

Construction Work Surveys

We can also carry out CCTV surveys before and after any construction work you may have had carried out, be that an extension or a new-build home, so you can be sure any work carried out is done correctly.

CCTV cable inserted in a drain to check for blockages

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